Lash Serum
Lash Serum

Lash Serum

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Eyelash Enhancement Serum

-keratin treatment

-lash conditioner

How to Use

Dip the brush once per eye and use applicator to apply Lash Serum along clean, dry upper lash line only. Wipe any excess product off and wait approximately 90 seconds for Lash Serum to dry before going to sleep or applying other products around your eye area. Use once nightly for best results.


Water,Glycerine,Keratin,Hydrolyed Starch Phosphate,Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17,Pterocarpus Marsupium Bark Extract,Malus Domestica (Apple) Fruit Cell C ulture Extract,Mannitol,Panthenol (D),Glutamic Acid (L),Xanthan Gum,Lecithin,1,2-Hexanediol,Caprylyl Glycol,Sodium Chloride Disodium Succinate,Tropolone,Phenoxyethanol,Phytic Acid